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What's New

Well, for one, our website is completely redesigned. The old version of MettaStoic was put together in about an hour (the PDF documents took way longer), and we knew a redesign was necessary. We're still working on lots of things, but for now, we hope the site is still beneficial.

Old Content

The PDF files we had were terrible, so we got rid of them. Instead, you can now read updated versions right on our website. When reading the books on this site, you might notice that some words are underlined. This is a feature which allows you to view a note as you read. We've included notes for people mentioned in the books, and other interesting things.

A lot of the old content isn't going to be on this site. For example, on the previous MettaStoic, we had a few sections in the navigation that will not be here, including: Audio, Blogs, Videos, etc. Pretty much all of that is gone.

We chose to do this to make the site more simple. Also, instead of being a directory of other resources, we aim to provide our own content.

We sincerly hope you find this website valuable. Cheers!