Memento Mori Card

We wanted to do something nice for the Stoic community, so we set out to design something we thought everyone would like: a Memento Mori card. The card is able to fit in your wallet, so you can carry it with you easily. Or, if you’d like, you could hang it up somewhere — maybe the fridge. If times are feeling rough, you could take a look at it, being reminded of your limited time here, putting whatever it is into examination—

“should this really be upsetting me while I have such a limited amount of time here?”
“we’re both going to die soon, maybe I should end this argument with an apology”

... or read the quote on the card, and apply it to the situation at hand. No matter what happens, be good.
Hopefully after such an examination, your thoughts about whatever it is that’s upsetting you will change.
Of course, you don’t need this card for that, but we hope it helps.

Where did we get the idea?

From They send high-quality Buddhist books across the world to anyone that requests them, for free. Around 2010, I placed an order. Some months later (long forgotten), I was surprised by a box weighing about 15lbs. full of books, and little cards just like this one(but with a Buddhist touch) on my porch. Nine years later, I built this website, all while having a little Buddhist card on my desk, sparking the inspiration for these.

Why are we giving them away for free?

We were inspired by the Buddhist monasteries who do the same.
Upon receiving their books, it really made a change in our life for the better, the effects still being felt to this day, years later.
We’d like to do the same for other people. Hopefully these cards provide that experience.

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